RUBY RECORD | 인천여관X루비살롱
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1960년대 건축된 인천 구도심 골목길의 여관을 재생건축한 인천여관X루비살롱은

아티스트들의 거실이자 쉼터입니다.

오늘도 각자 치열하게 작업중인 뮤지션/작가/디자이너/기획자들은

한잔의 여유와함께 수다떨고 쉬면서 새로운 에너지를 만들고,

몇몆은 이곳에서 자신의 작품을 선보이거나 판매하기도 합니다.


‘Incheon Motel X Ruby Salon’ is a revitalized motel-which has existed since the
1960s- located in the alleyway of Incheon old town.
This place is a living room and shelter for artists.
Musicians / writers / designers / planners who are working hard
each day could get refreshed by socializing,
relaxing and having a drink at this place.
Some of them also throw exhibitions or sell their works here.